…Where to get a cup o’ Joe and the cutest coats..

This place is minimalist and has great coffee. Plus, in the coffee-bare Northern Virginia area, this place is a gem. The staff is really great and patient and the location is conveniently located quite near Whole Foods. All good stuff. This simple trench is classic and minimalist, just like this great coffee place.

Old Navy trench, $58

La Columbe has some of the most instagrammable coffee you’ll see around. Their coffee art is no joke. Unfortunately, it also is super packed like all the time. UGHHH! Anyway, you’ll need a coat that will make you feel like the fancy city-slicker that you are. This coat delivers style and function…and it’s on SALE! Holla!

Modcloth, $51

Mischa’s is a chill coffee place with specialty type lattes and great pastries. The atmosphere is a little bit hipster a little bit old fashioned jazzy (their playlists are always on point…). This coat reads super hip (like below), but belt it and you have the perfect corporate lady boss coat. I have a similar coat and I absolutely love it. This is an especially great style for hourglass figures and those looking for a streamlined look.

ASOS.com, $58

Swings Coffee: Alexandria, VA and G St. DC

I’ve always loved the Swings location in Del Ray, Alexandria because it was steps from one of my “sometimes”* offices….buttttt I just realized that the White House Swings location just reopened and looks super posh. Very much looking forward to trying out the coffee I’ve loved for so long in the swanky new locale across from my now “sometimes” office. This coat gives you just the right amount of corporate polish, while also standing out in the suits-and-long-coats crowd around the White House.

*I telework so I camp out at coworking offices and subcontractor offices on occasion. I’m a bit of a digital nomad in the DC area. Sounds bougie…is actually more just lugging my laptop around the city and having severe back pain.

H&M.com, $79.99

Killer ESP: Alexandria, VA

Killer ESP has killer coffee….you know. K… Anyway also they have Dangerously Delicious pie, which is a Baltimore favorite (don’t let these DC people tell you that it’s from DC…IT IS NOT). Additionally, they have a cute coffee shop dog that comes and gives you kisses and lets you pet it. In case you missed it…THERE IS A COFFEE SHOP DOG! This coat is classy as well as being warm and quirky. Just like Killer ESP.

ASOS Puffy Coat, $49

Where is your favorite coat from? Any coats you’re looking to snag before the end of the season? Tell me in the comments below or tell me on Instagram @CharmCityThriftanista.

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