What the doing the Whole30 taught me about myself (and everything else)

Hey guys, it’s been awhile. I took about a month or so off to sort of regroup and get my self together. I’m sure you know the feeling. While I’ve been gone I’ve been making some really great self improvements that I’m excited about. Just know that I’m telling you these things as just me, […]

7 Fall Must Haves

Faux Leather Jacket” $25 Forever21.com, Cape: H&M, $56, hm.com, Fleece-lined Leggings$11. charlotterusse.com. Hiking Socks: $14. jcrew.com, Chealsea boots: $37, forever21.com, hat: you can find this anywhere just get one, Infinity scarf: Pretty much anywhere. Gloves: $22, target.com, Sweater: $40, Gap.com, Tall boots: $32, remy, Justfab.com, Glasses: $95, warbyparker.com. Ugh! Fall is upon us…okay it’s really […]

5 Subscription boxes that will get you out of your Winter rut

Whoo! We made it through brave warriors of Snowpocalypse/Snowmageddon 2016! By now you’re probably about to try taking a flame thrower to all the snow in the backyard (don’t do this…cautionary tale) or hop on the next available plane to Florida. Sadly, if you’re like me, you’ll probably just be very selective about the time […]

5 of the Best Fall Fast Fashion Finds at Forever21

….Say that one ten times fast….WHEW! I have a love-hate relationship with Forever21. Do they sometimes treat their plus sized section like a catch all for literally the most ridiculous clothing I’ve ever seen? Yes. Do they also actually produce the + section with MUCH better actual adherence to little things like hems and fabrics, […]