…Where to get a cup o’ Joe and the cutest coats..

This place is minimalist and has great coffee. Plus, in the coffee-bare Northern Virginia area, this place is a gem. The staff is really great and patient and the location is conveniently located quite near Whole Foods. All good stuff. This simple trench is classic and minimalist, just like this great coffee place.

Old Navy trench, $58

La Columbe has some of the most instagrammable coffee you’ll see around. Their coffee art is no joke. Unfortunately, it also is super packed like all the time. UGHHH! Anyway, you’ll need a coat that will make you feel like the fancy city-slicker that you are. This coat delivers style and function…and it’s on SALE! Holla!

Modcloth, $51

Mischa’s is a chill coffee place with specialty type lattes and great pastries. The atmosphere is a little bit hipster a little bit old fashioned jazzy (their playlists are always on point…). This coat reads super hip (like below), but belt it and you have the perfect corporate lady boss coat. I have a similar coat and I absolutely love it. This is an especially great style for hourglass figures and those looking for a streamlined look.

ASOS.com, $58

Swings Coffee: Alexandria, VA and G St. DC

I’ve always loved the Swings location in Del Ray, Alexandria because it was steps from one of my “sometimes”* offices….buttttt I just realized that the White House Swings location just reopened and looks super posh. Very much looking forward to trying out the coffee I’ve loved for so long in the swanky new locale across from my now “sometimes” office. This coat gives you just the right amount of corporate polish, while also standing out in the suits-and-long-coats crowd around the White House.

*I telework so I camp out at coworking offices and subcontractor offices on occasion. I’m a bit of a digital nomad in the DC area. Sounds bougie…is actually more just lugging my laptop around the city and having severe back pain.

H&M.com, $79.99

Killer ESP: Alexandria, VA

Killer ESP has killer coffee….you know. K… Anyway also they have Dangerously Delicious pie, which is a Baltimore favorite (don’t let these DC people tell you that it’s from DC…IT IS NOT). Additionally, they have a cute coffee shop dog that comes and gives you kisses and lets you pet it. In case you missed it…THERE IS A COFFEE SHOP DOG! This coat is classy as well as being warm and quirky. Just like Killer ESP.

ASOS Puffy Coat, $49

Where is your favorite coat from? Any coats you’re looking to snag before the end of the season? Tell me in the comments below or tell me on Instagram @CharmCityThriftanista.

5 Night Time Skincare Must Haves for Transitional Weather

A wise woman {at Sephora} once told me that your night time skin care routine should make you feel like you’re in your own private spa. That’s basically my mantra for the night time…that and “chocolate heals all”

It is that time of the year again…SPRINNNG (maybe?)! Unfortunately, this also means it’s that time of the year when your skin freaks out and you have a million different temperatures and weather patterns to deal with*.

*If you live in some place that has all the same weather…then congratu-freaking-lations you can just read along and keep quiet about your awesome living situation. Thanks.

You ladies with oily skin might want to stay away from using this stuff on your whole face…but for people like me with SUPER dry skin, especially in the winter, this old school favorite is a gem. It’s super moisturizing, cheap, and lasts forever. If you don’t want to use this on your whole face, slap it on your windburned nose and even use it as a moisturizing hand cream. If you have any questions about this product, ask your Granny…it’s been around for decades and is still awesome. Just like your Granny (probably).

This is another product that beauty editors and the general public consistently rate highly. It’s not stripping (won’t dry out your skin) and the pump bottle will last you just as long as your Pond’s cream (read: an eternity). I especially like it because it’s good for all skin types and it’s very very gentle.

I got this stuff on clearance at CVS for $7 (usually over $20!!) and love it. It’s a super light formula that isn’t greasy or creamy, which is great because sometimes I get eye cream in my eyes and it hurts and also thick formulas tend to give me those weird little white under eye bumps! I also like it because it feels SO soft, is a generous size for eye cream, and plumps up my under eyes with pure caffeine (no literally).

Also, this is a “balm” not a cream. It’s sort of like the love child of a cream and a gel. It’s super light, and contains hyaluronic acid for deep hydration that locks water into your skin.I’m not a scientist, but you can read more about it here. I wear it at night but you can use it in the morning too…it is super light so it would be great under makeup. Basically= super hydration.

Vichy is a well known brand in Europe and their products are amazing. If you haven’t tried them yet, definitely get on that.

*Hot tip: Google their brand and what things do before hand so that you don’t have to try to remember the French you took in 8th grade when you read the package!*

Everything about Lush is just the best. You walk into the store and it’s like a magical, scented, hippie heaven. On my most recent trip to Lush, the salesperson recommended this mask for my dry skin and it is AMAZING! They mix these things with actual nature and you have to refrigerate it (which by the way is a great feeling…mmm!) and then you leave it on your face while you soak in a tub with one of their bath bombs for 5-10 minutes.

Honestly one of the most life changing face masks I’ve ever used. My skin feels soft, moisturized and somehow also exfoliated when I use it. Plus it’s all natural, the packaging is recyclable and my face mask was made by some smiling dude named “Kevin” apparently. HI KEVIN! Thanks for the face mask!

Did I trick all of you into thinking that I take pristine care of my face every single night? GOOD. Now here’s the real truth…Simple face wipes save my lazy self a lot of the time. I use them to remove really stubborn makeup and sometimes (you know those nights) just basically to wash my face without getting up from bed. They’re super gentle, not too expensive (but be about that coupon life, folks!!) and really do the job. I don’t recommend subbing out your skincare routine for face wipes…but they definitely are a huge help. There are also different types for different needs (makeup removal, oily skin, etc.).

Alternatively, Sephora makes Rose face wipes that are great…however, going to Sephora on a Sunday yields very few products and I couldn’t replace them in time for the blog.

What are your beauty must haves for night time? Do you change up your skincare routine throughout the year?

5 Gym Bag Essentials for when you just CAN’T

Waterbottle: Five Below, $5, Socks: Pure Barre, $15, Lip balm: Birchbox, $14, Rollerball: “Immune Boost” YoungLiving Essential Oils (click here for details)

So if you’ve been following me on social media, you know that I’ve recently been taking classes at Pure Barre. I signed up for a 5-week unlimited course and have basically been taking it 4-5 times a week to get my money’s worth. But some days I just feel like…Ugh I just CAN’T with today.

All this toting my gym and teleworking stuff, and running around the city on the metro or a series of busses has me getting to my evening or mid-day barre classes hecka tired.

My friend Melissa, a YoungLiving independent distributor, recently got into essential oils and has been showing me how they work for her and her family. While I don’t have kids I do definitely have a nose…and these things smell AWESOME, can be used all over my bachelorette pad… and have very therapeutic effects!

Did you know you can wear essential oils inside a necklace? Neither did I!? My friend also sent me over this beautiful little locket necklace and I put a stress reliving mix of essential oils into the small pad that goes inside the locket. It had me sniffing it all day and certainly made me feel calmer. After the gym, it makes a wall of scentedness that keeps the people on my travels home from holding their nose. Score.

*Bonus: you can sniff this thing when you smell a bad smell on the metro or on the street like some fancy Victorian lady…#itworks*

Right before my workouts, I’ve been using the “Boost” rollerball (20 drops thieves essential oil + 10 lemon essential oil + fractionated coconut oil) and rolling it onto my wrists and a little on my neck as a caffeine-free pick me up before the torture class begins. This essential oil blend also helps to support the immune system, which hey, everyone needs these first few days of “spring”!

After the class, I wipe my face with these great Rose scented wipes from Sephora (they were back in stock!!!) so I’m not totally dripping in sweat and gross-ness. These guys smell SO good and the pack comes with quite a few wipes. Seriously, they go out of stock all the time..at SEPHORA…so you know they’re good.

This has been one of my favorites ever since I first tried it in Birchbox. It also comes as part of a set with an aluminum free deodorant that I also love. I use this balm on my lips and I also swipe it on my cheeks for a glowy before-gym blush (because for real…who doesn’t swipe on some concealer and mascara before working out with a bunch of really pretty people!). It works with your body’s PH to go from clear to a perfect rosy pink for your skin tone, plus it moisturizes! I’ve bought three tubes since Birchbox launched their ARROW line

This post has been sponsored in part by YoungLiving Essential Oils distributor, Melissa Houck. All YoungLiving essential oils were given to me as a sample, but opinions in this blog are all my own. If you’d like to contact to learn more, try some samples or ask questions contact her here.

What are your gym bag “essentials”? What products on this blog have you tried? Tell me below!

5 Favorite Finds at the Madewell Baltimore Store Opening!

This Tuesday, I had the opportunity to visit the opening of the new Madewell Harbor East, Baltimore Store. Sparkling wine and refreshments were served as we mingled with Maryland Style Bloggers and Baltimore fashionistas and perused the (packed) new location!

Madewell specializes in well made basics (especially great denim) and beautiful minimalist jewelry and simple bags that feel simply elegant.

My top 5 favorites:

1) Champagne and sweet treats!! (#sorrynotsorry)

Shopping with Prosecco and cake minis (from CharmCityThriftanista favorite Cafe Poupon!!) is the only way to go.

2) This elegant Lariat necklace

I love this lariat wishbone necklace!! $32, Madewell.com

3) These beautiful leather monogramable bags!

These bags are simple, elegant and come with the option of custom monogram options. #wishlist price varies, check Madewell.com

4) These simple but edgy cuff bracelets:

More great jewelry from Madewell. These simple gold bracelets are $24 each at Madewell.com.

5) This perfect everyday jean jacket:

This jean jacket is so perfectly distressed and divinely cut! I want to wear it with ALL THE THINGS! ( a splurge at $118, Madewell.com)

Thriftanista recommends: Be sure to check out Madewell if you’re in Baltimore, they are offering a bunch of sweet incentives…so watch their Facebook for deals! Also, they are offering $20 off a denim purchase if you bring in your old jeans! #score

What do you look for in the perfect denim? Does Madewell quench your denim thirst, or give you the blues? Let me know in the comments below…

16 Top Cyber Monday Deals from Charm City Thriftanista’s favorites

Guys! It’s finally here!Cyber Monday. CharmCityThriftanista Day!!!!!

While I may have been a big advocate for Black Friday in my younger and sprightlier days…my late 20’s have dissuaded me from doing anything past 3 a.m. save for eating cookie dough ice-cream in my pajamas.

Check out these great picks for sales from my favorite stores:

  • Ann Taylor: 50% Off Entire Purchase with code CYBER50. Sale until 12/2/2014 at 3 AM EST.
  • LOFT: 50% off everything with code: MONDAY
  • Sephora: Receive a Cyber Monday Mystery Sample Bag with any $25 purchase. Use code: SURPRISE
  • Sole Society: 30% OFF! Cyber Monday Sale + FREE shipping on everything. Shop now!
  • ASOS: Shop ASOS.com- Get 30% off everything with code: ILOVEMONDAYS. Valid 8pm EST on Nov 30th- 3am EST Dec 2nd
  • eShakti: Cyber Monday Sale, save up to 60% off!
  • Forever 21: 20% off when you spend $60: CYBER20, 30% off when you spend $100: CYBER30. Get an Extra 30% Off Sale Items from Forever 21! Plus Free shipping on All Orders! Shop Now!
  • GAP: Starting 11/30: Take 40% off your online purchase at Gap, Old Navy & Banana Republic. Use code CYBER. Ends 12/1. Restrictions apply
  • Modcloth: Cyber Monday Sale — 25% Off EVERYTHING with Code CYBERMONDAY
  • Dorothy Perkins: Fashion Event! Up to 30% off Nov 26th– December 1st. Excluding sale & selected brands + Free shipping with code DPTREAT
  • Alex and Ani: 15% off and free shipping
  • Twice: Save $10 off $50 purchase using: CYBER10, $25 off $100 purchase using: CYBER25, $75 off $200 using: CYBER75
  • ThredUp: 25% off mobile orders using: CYBERMOBILE. *Bonus from CCT only: 30% off your first order at ThredUP: 78DBHPYC.
  • Shabby Apple: 20% off sitewide and a free accessory with purchase using code: CYBERMONDAYGIFT
  • H&M: 30% off and free shipping on orders over $50 with code: 2896
  • Kate Spade Saturday: 30% off everything online (including sale) use code: OHWOW
  • Aldo: 20% off regular priced merchandise with code: CM14
  • J.Crew Factory: 50% off on everything, use code: THANKS

What are your favorite sales this year? Team Black Friday or Team Cyber Monday. Tell me in the comments below!

10 of the REAL Best Beauty Finds at your local Drugstore

A lot of times I will read magazines that will give you a list of the latest drugstore makeup products…but let’s get real. The magazines get $$$ from those brands to pitch their products to the public…and they only usually feature newer products that haven’t REALLY been tested by folks who are unpaid for their reviews.

The following products have been vetted EXTENSIVELY by my face as well as by my wallet. Below I’ll explain exactly why each product is amazing and give you a little insight into why I picked that product over a more prestige brand. You can find all of these products at your local CVS (or RiteAid or Walgreens or Target or wherever… I’m just partial to CVS because I LOVE their beauty club and rewards system) and none are going to break your budget. If you’re looking for a place to start with makeup this is perfect for you. Also, CVS and several other retailers will let you return your makeup if you don’t like it. Score! I recommend using coupons from your local paper, online at coupons.com and from whatever retailer you’re using to make these guys even cheaper! Happy beauty bargain shopping!


Foundation: L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation

I know this has many other iterations now, but the normal liquid one is my favorite. First of all, it has really nice coverage that is full without being too matte. Second of all it has sunscreen in it. Third of all it has a lot of colors that you can’t really get in other brands. I love that they have a fair-warm option because SO often it’s hard to find foundation for fair skin (like mine) that is not weirdly pink. I’ve also heard good things about this foundation having a full range for women of color (because honestly, makeup companies are notoriously bad about doing that! Which is a WHOLE other story.) Plus you can unusually find this stuff for about $10 *or less when you’re about that coupon life*

I think all of the newer ones have SPF so not sure why the first one shown here doesn’t have that listed. But yah.

Powder: Elf (Eyes Lips Face) HD Setting Powder in Translucent

I have both the loose powder and the compact of this powder on stock. This stuff is GREAT. You don’t always want to add a lot of color onto your face on top of whatever you use like bronzer, blush, foundation, highlighter, etc. This stuff sets makeup perfectly, is really blendable, and IMHO is great for covering gnarly zits. Plus it’s $6.

*Lolllll how funny does it look coming out of the compact like this. I SWEAR this is just face powder!

Brushes: Eco Tool Brush Sets

These beautiful brushes are the best I’ve EVER seen. They’re better than fancy $50 brushes and they’re softer than them too. I’ve had my brush set for LEGIT $10 years and it’s still going strong, even with frequent washings. I have them in big (great word) version, as well as the travel sizes. The “concealer” brush is really good for doing eyeshadow, by the way and the angled blush brush is perfect for contouring ( I use the fluffy brush for blush). Also, they’re made out of recycled materials and they’re SO cheap. You’ll be so happy when you put these on your face.

Concealer: NYX Gotcha Covered Waterproof Concealer

Truth be told, I got this stuff from the NYX store in my mall…but several drugstores carry this brand, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. This stuff is magic if you like to actually move at all during the day or have to commute to work via any means other than a car. This concealer is THICK..if you’re not really looking for coverage, this might not be good. But for days when I want to look #FLAWLESS I whip this bad boy out. Stays on all day when “set” or “baked” with some ELF powder (realizing now that sounds ridiculous…I’m refreshing the earlier mentioned HD powder not a magic dust produced by elves). It’s also about $6 give or take.

*I really prefer the French translation: “Courvrance TOTALE, HYDROFUGE!”

Blush: Milani Baked Blush

This stuff is often cited in dupes for products such as Nars…while I don’t really think that this is a great dupe for Nars “Orgasm” I do think it’s a beautiful color. These blushes work ESPECIALLY well for those with olive and deep tones. Plus they are pretty AF in the packaging!

**** You’ll notice I don’t have a bronzer on here…that’s because I honestly haven’t found a GREAT one at a drugstore and swear by my Tarte bronzer above all. However, Physicans Formula makes the best one I’ve found. It has a little sun on it. Also recall, I’m hecka pale so …bronzers can be a little tricky for me. If you’re a little more naturally tan, you might have an easier time finding a bronzer that will match your skin tone better.*****


Lipstick: L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Lip Color

Permanent blush…definitely great for every day! It’s a light pink with goldish flecks…would probably work with most skin tones. These usually run about $10-$13

Mesmerizing Merlot – a great berry for fall! Definitely can’t tell here but it’s in between a red and true berry.


Eye shadow: Wet and Wild Trio/Pallets

Yep. Wet and Wild is on here. You cannot believe how many people I have turned onto this suede eye shadow. This stuff is amazing. Use a nice little eye shadow primer and you have a shadow that rivals SO many pricier products. The purple in the first palette is flattering on a variety of skin tones and is shimmery without being glittery. The second palette is great if you want more of a golden color. Love these guys.

This little guy is just $3 and this purple color is life changing!

This new palette is just $7 and definitely rivals the new Urban Decay palettes! Score!

Eyeliner: NYX Waterproof Eyeliner, Rimmel Waterproof Eyeliner

The NYX version is a great dupe for my Stila waterproof eyeliner, and actually I prefer this one better now (also it’s about a quarter of the price!) NYX has a variety of colors in this line of eyeliners and there are tons of colors and neutrals to try. The Rimmel is pretty good, not as good as the NYX, but definitely a good buy.

The NYX version is under $5

The Rimmel version is under $6.

Browliner: L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definier

Got this brow liner as a replacement for my Anastasia Beverly hills brow liner with the little spooly. I love how thin this brow pencil is and how well it blends in. Definitely a great dupe for Anastasia BH. Score! This comes in both brunette and blonde for about $9 give or take.


Nail polish: Revlon Gel Envy Nail Color/Revlon Diamond Shine Gel Envy Top Coat

All of the colors in this line are really great. From dusty colors to brights and neutrals they’re all awesome, long wear and sooo shiny. They are in fact, so shiny that even MEN have commented on them. The top coat basically makes any polish you’re wearing into shiny gel goodness. This is better than getting a regular manicure…but probably not as long wear as a cured gel mani you’d get in a salon. Each is about $6.

What are your favorite drugstore finds? Have you used any of these products listed here? Do you need any recommendations for budget makeup? What other great dupes have you found? Let me know in the comments below what you think!

10 little things that will make a BIG difference in 2019

1) Poopouri to go: If you drink as much coffee as I do you know this is an essential. Many of you were introduced to Poo-pouri via they’re insanely twee commercial a few years back, but now they’ve gone and made a to-go spray that you can throw in your bag. Also this just looks like some kind of fancy perfume, not poo spray!*

*Thrifty tip: essential oils also coat the surface of toilet water, so if you’re into it you can also put essential oil in a diffuser/spray to get the same effect as the name brand.*

2) Fitbit or movement app – I got my Fitbit for Christmas and am in LOVE with it! I can track how many steps I take, see my heart rate, track workouts and it even tells me when I’m getting a phone call. The Charge HR is a little bit pricey, but for a cheaper fix check out the variety of Fitbit models or even an app for some tracking without the cost. Learn more here.Fitbit Charge HR, $129. Various retailers.

3)A phone case wallet that also holds your metro card or any other card you use all the time – This is my lifesaver! I have my phone, my metro card and my college ID (still works!) all in my phone case! I got mine for really really cheap on Amazon, and it saves me so much stress and hassle when traveling around the city. Definitely a time saver and a sanity saver for those of you that are forgetful, like myself. This is a good one if you like a girly aesthetic, or use this one which is a little more professional. There are tons on Amazon that will fit your needs. Just make sure that it is a fold over (book style) so that you don’t have to take the phone out and you can take pictures with the case on.Amazon.com phone case, $3.99 and up*

4) A purse organizer: Now on sale at the container store! I have this one from Amazon and it’s sturdy and has a TON of pockets! Basically you slip this in your purse and instantly you have a million pockets to hold all your things. When you change bags you just pull out the organizer and place it in the new bag! PRESTO! Now you don’t have to worry you left your chapstick in your other purse…it’s all in the organizer.Amazon.com, $14.99 and up*

5) A shopping/extra bag that folds up small enough to fit easily in your purse or pocket: This is something my mom actually got me into..basically these are little fabric shopping bags that fold back into their self contained pocket that is about the size of your fist when folded. I have these in all shapes and sizes (mostly fruit shaped??)…and I use them for everything from toting dry cleaning, to using as a Trader Joe’s bag to using as a dirty laundry bag for travel. Additionally, they work GREAT as beach totes because they’re hecka cheap and they drain easily so you’re not ruining your nice totes with sand and wet bathing suits.

6) KeyRing app: This app holds all your essential loyalty cards, library cards, frequent buyer cards and anything else with a bar code. If you like the crazed soccer-mom look, then by all means, keep your million loyalty card key ring…if not…use this app and save yourself a lot of trouble by keeping all those cards in one handy app. Get the app for free here.

7) A cocoon organizer for all your electronics and wires: This padded sheet with lots of rubbery stretchy straps may look weird but it’s about to organize all your electronics so you can slip them in your purse or laptop bag (or even hang them up via the handy hook loop). Seriously this is one of the best $12 I’ve spent in my life. I keep all my chargers, cables and headphones looped up in here as well as my solar charger (see below) for easy grabbing. This is especially useful for when I’m on a call and need my phone charged IMMEDIATELY, or when I’m fumbling around my bag on a flight. This one from Cocoon is great as a smaller option, but there are several with even more pockets or bigger surfaces too!

8) A portable (preferably solar) phone charger: Guys this is everything. If I use one thing every day…besides my phone…it’s this charger for my phone. Have you ever been somewhere late at night and wanted to call an uber…but BAM your phone is out of juice? Or been camping/hiking or at a festival and had no access to chargers for days on end? Meet the portable solar charger. This guy can be charged in your wall as well as by the good ol’ sunshine! Crises galore averted!

9)Dark Sky app: By now I’m sure you have a trusty weather app on your phone (I use Google weather for seeing temps in different areas before I travel there)…but you if you haven’t downloaded Dark Sky yet, you’re missing out. This weather app tells you how long you have to dash to the train stop or to your car before it starts raining. Planning a bike trip or a Target run…Dark Sky has got you. It also has this cool feature which tells you when it’s about to DOWNpour so you can dodge under an overhang before the deluge. Definitely every penny if you walk outside or bike, public transit commute, or are planning an outdoor activity of any kind.

10) Smartwool or other trail hiking socks: Okay so this is definitely not my most fashionable advice…but TRUST me (especially those of you in cold and snowy areas) these guys will change your LIFE. It’s all fine and good to have regular socks you use during summer…but in winter you need a heavy duty sock. Plus, thick socks won’t even be visible under your cute boots. I got a variety pack at Costco recently for $11.99 that is both soft AND padded in the sole. That’s what you’re gonna want when looking for hiking socks…thickness, durability and that comfy feel in the sole. Your feet will thank you! Check out these ones on sale at REI outlet!


This last weekend I had a whole day with absolutely nothing to do and was feeling a little down due to my boyfriend being several states away and a particularly stressful work week. Stuff had really started to compound and I was feeling less and less like myself and needed a day to spend with my longstanding favorite company: myself.

Here’s what I did, which hopefully can inspire you to take your own day to get back to yourself.

Some tips for a self date:

  1. Plan: You wouldn’t go on a date without having a plan! Same thing for your date with yourself. Make a plan of what you want to do in the day, take time to really enjoy each part of your plan, and of course make time for spontaneous adventures! What do you want to get out of your day? Bring a journal or a book and wear comfy shoes and bring your map!!
  2. Pack light: Don’t bring an unnecessary amount of physical or mental baggage into your date. This is a day for you to not work but to listen to that still small voice inside and find who you are. It’s not for answering work emails or doing an abnormal amount of social media-ing. I did take some pictures and fun snaps, but that was part of the plan. You might want to not even do social. Also, don’t bring much in your bag….there’s no need. You want to physically feel light and feel mentally free!
  3. Participate: So often when you’re usually out in the world alone you’re not participating with anything. On your date, make sure that you participate, listen, speak up and interact with the world around you. Be mindful. What does the coffee smell like, what does the barista’s face say about the coffee, what is the person in line talking about, is it interesting? I met so many (nameless) but awesome people on my one day just because I was not in a hurry and paying attention.

What I did (aka the plan):

  • Birchbox Store: If you’ve read my blog even a little bit you know I ADORE Birchbox. They recently opened a store in the Rent the Runway (another fave!) store in Georgetown and it is AWESOME! For $15 you can compile a CUSTOM Birchbox box and shop some of their great wares. I made an awesome box with two of Claudalie’s Micellar Water (LOVE micellar water), some great dry shampoo, a little Kate Spade perfume and a sweet smelling hand cream. I also picked up their PH changing lip balm from their new Arrow line which is super cool. There was a bachelorette party in front of me and they were having so much fun and the woman that helped me was talking to me all about makeup and skincare stuff and I was in my ELEMENT. I could have seriously stayed there all day. But sadly, I knew I had to leave. My wares were packaged in a “Best Day Ever” Birchbox bag, and I knew that is EXACTLY what it was. #bestdayever.
  • Baked and Wired: Soon enough I got my delicious coffee and cupcake at the famed Baked and Wired. The cappuccino was on POINT and I was able to find a seat to drink my coffee inside the store, but it was really busy so I headed out into the sun and sat by the Canal to munch on my Coconut cupcake. YUMMM!
  • 2nd Time Around: After my delicious cupcake and coffee I strolled around G-town and found this great place. Mostly it was WAY above my price range but I spotted a cute little bow ring (I SWEAR it’s Kate Spade) for $15 with 10% off! Such a cute find. The girl’s in front of me straight up spent $1300 in that store…not kidding it was insane. But they were Libra’s so you know…
  • National Gallery of Art: The best place in the world. From the Hagia Sophia inspired dome to the impressionist wing to the Greek-esque statues this place is just the best. Not only do art museums make me feel HECKA body positive they also are so full of color and people who actually like art…which is really hard to find. My Dad has always instilled in me a love for culture and the arts and this is just my idea of a really great afternoon, though I was being a little snarky with the snapchats ahahhah! Can’t get enough of Art History memes and snarky art museum snapchats ya’ll.This slideshow requires JavaScript.
  • Treasury Vintage/MEEPS: I took a detour on the way, but eventually landed off by U Street in my favorite DC Hood, the 14th street area. Treasury is a place that I had passed by many times but had never gotten to explore. This place is APTLY named, I stepped inside an there was just an plethora of sparkles, colors, textures and just really beautiful clothing from different decades. I didn’t buy anything but I did take the following photo from one of their beautiful rooms (Kelly’s dream room) and talk to this woman who told me she was a freelance fashion stylist which I thought was basically the coolest thing I had ever heard. So pretty. So unnecessary. So not in my budget. Le sigh.
  • Current Boutique: I already knew about this place from my time in Alexandria, but love this 14th street version! I found a big Longchamp Le Pliage for $50 which was PERFECT and also tried on this crushed velvet maroon gown…which is totally not something I needed but it was so pretty. I got into the dressing room and was in LOVE with it. You know when something makes you look like an amazing version of yourself and you’re just like in awe of how amazing you look. That was this gown. But I left without it because I didn’t need it for any events or anything, which was very sad.***I put this picture on Facebook and everyone INCLUDING my Mom and sister said to immediately go and get it and if I didn’t I was crazy…so..I had to go back and get it on Monday!!! <3***
  • Buffalo Exchange: This is one of my fave places both in DC and in my second home, Boulder, CO. The 14th street location always has GREAT stuff that actually is in my size so I prefer it to many of the other Buffalo Exchanges. I picked up an adorable ASOS Curve hippy dress with bell sleeves which is so versatile and on trend. Love me some ASOS Curve.
  • Dolcezza: Had my third coffee (a dirty chai) latte at this great little European cafe. I would have loved to hang out in here forever, but sadly there was no seating.
  • Drafting Table: Since all I’d eaten all day was a half of a cupcake….I decided to meet my roommate on 14th street. Since she is a big beer and burger fan, I chose this gastro pub which has $4 beer (ALL THE TIME YA’LL!) and one of the best burgers I have ever had. Plus it’s decorated like an architect’s desk…which was pretty cute. Seriously get yourself the Draftsman burger, it’s so bangin!

If you’ve never taken yourself on a date, I highly recommend it! Not only did I come out of my “date” feeling renewed, I also learned a lot about myself, had fun, met a bunch of cool people, explored, felt light, learned about a bunch of cool stuff and got QUITE a workout. It really was the #BESTDAYEVER !