Warby Parker Introduces Waterway Collection and Beacon Collection to Ease You Into Fall

So by now you should all know about the brand Warby Parker…especially if you’re a classy four-eyes like myself. Basically Warby’s shtick is that they sell chic, budget friendly eyeglasses and sunglasses starting at $95 (prescription included). What makes Warby extra awesome is that when you buy their glasses they send a pair to someone in need. Win! And they ALSO send you five frames to try on five pairs for five days, then you send them back. Think of all the selfies you can take in five different glasses? WIN WIN!

Downer alert…I recently had to sign up for health insurance as I near my 26th birthday. Basically it has been eating up my budget and making this blogger even more thrift and less “anista.” If you do not yet have to purchase your own health insurance or do not know what an FSA is, well congratulations, because you don’t have to deal with the responsibilities of adulting just yet. Enjoy it. Savor it.

Enter Warby Parker whose two limited edition collections (The Waterway Collection and The Beacon Collection) that are basically begging for that sweet sweet FSA I now have to spend purely on my eyeballs. Warby accepts FSA (just double check with your provider) as well as regular ol’ credit.

Check the new collections out below.

The Waterway Collection:

For people who really want to juice the rest of that citrusy flavor out of summer.

“Introducing the Waterway Collection—inspired by warm coastal travels and landlocked staycations by the pool. Because summer is for relaxing.”

The “Welty” glasses (Water+Melty=Welty?) here are pretty similar to my “Preston” glasses but so much more cute and blue and quirky. I’m thinking I’ll wear them with Fall’s more minimalist outfits (grey would look stunning!) or perhaps with some high waisted shorts and red lipstick while it’s still warm.


Warby Parker “Welty” in Pebble, Starting at $95, Waterway Collection

Can’t you just see yourself in some 70’s inspired maxi dress and heels with these?


Warby Parker “Piper” Sunglasses in Sand Castle, Starting at $95, Waterway Collection

Due to the really “techy” and futuristic feel of these sunglasses I’d pair them with something in a very exaggerated shape or color like a unique peplum, a neon dress or bag or even something very minimalist in black and white like the model.


Warby Parker “Percey” for Women in Crystal, Starting at $95, Waterway Collection

The Beacon Collection:

Warby is really speaking my language with this collection:

“The Beacon collection is…inspired by impromptu, can’t-duplicate-them all-nighters, when having no plans brings endless possibilities. We designed our newest line of frames to make a similarly fine companion to late night dates, rooftop sunrises, and everything in between.”

Talk about describing this awesome summer to a T! Cuddling on rooftops, sipping cappuccinos in little cafes, watching the sunset and eating giant plates of noodles with my partner in crime (aka my boyfriend and roommate)! Just check out this cute (and very representative of my summer) photoshoot they took:


*Beacon collection: Cute partner in crime optional.

These guys are already sold out! But look how pretty they are!!! Kind of a nod to the 60’s in a mustardy lemon color! Great for some really 60’s Nancy Sinatra vintage store finds!


Warby Parker “Nancy” in Lemon, Sold out, or “Tourmaline,” Beacon Collection

McKee is definitely on trend for Fall and would be great for winter’s greyer office outfits. Lots of grey=outfit that makes you look extra rich and sophisticated!


Warby Parker “McKee” in Moonstone, starting at $95, Beacon Collection

Here I am with my roomie on our 48 hr roadtrip to Florida in my sweet Preston glasses from Warby:


*Good times! 48 hr Greyhounds trips are no joke though.

How do you like Warby’s new collection? Do you have any Warby Parker glasses? Tell me in the comments below!

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